About Press Play

A long history of working with less budget yet delivering more results.

Press Play Vision

Press Play was founded on a simple thesis:

Your marketing team does not have to be located exactly where you are.

By tapping into a global talent pool and using the right stack of tools, we believe we can significantly lower the costs of growth marketing and finally make it available to small businesses who are usually underserved (or worse) by conventional marketing agencies.

You will find below 6 ideas that are part of our DNA.


Plug & Play Era

Technology changed entrepreneurship and marketing forever. You can build an impressive stack of tools and remote talent very quickly.



Many business owners (and even marketing professionals) suffer from what we call tactical blindness. Press Play focuses on less tools and better strategies.



We love them. We believe the more constraints you have (budget, timeline) the better. Constraints actually mean freedom, and, usually, more speed.



The faster you build, the faster you learn. We see speed a big competitive advantage. We move as fast as you allow us to.



Digital marketing results can, and should, be measured. Our goal is to help you build a profitable marketing funnel.


Small Budgets

We know for a fact that there are a lot of small businesses that need to work with very small budgets. Press Play was built for them.

alex poncet founder

Our Founder

Press Play was founded by Alexandre Poncet.

Prior to launching the agency, he has worked for 6 years as an independent marketing consultant. Alex worked with small and medium businesses that had one thing in common: very limited (sometimes extremely limited) budgets.

This forced him to find solutions and to build a network of talented people.

After years of building the right stack and the right team, Press Play was born.

He remains a real practitioner, both advising clients and experimenting new digital growth strategies on a daily basis.

Late at night and/or very early in the morning, he is busy prototyping mindtriggers.co

His personal Twitter and Linkedin accounts are in the footer, should you want to connect with him directly.